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The Beauty's Cage

Title:The Beauty's Cage
Rating:PG-13 (?)
Summary:Being mad at Yunho for isolating Jaejoong from everyone else,Changmin snaps and asks the beauty why he let Yunho control him so much,only to get a rather surprising answer in return…

Changmin has known Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong since primary school,but has never been a close friend of one was.Yunho and Jaejoong preferred to be alone,spending some time with only each other.

At first,Changmin found nothing wrong with it,but as time went by,he realized that Jaejoong was quite the social butterfly and could get along with everyone really well but he never befriended anyone serioulsy because Yunho prevented him from doing so.

Yunho didn't like it when someone else was talking to his best friend and would just glare at everyone whenever he caught them interacting with Jaejoong.Changmin didn't like the idea of Yunho isolating Jaejoong from others,simply because it wasn't fair for Jaejoong.

It annoyed Changmin to see how Yunho would always scare the people away who tried to talk to Jaejoong and get closer to him.And it annoyed him even more whenever someone asked for Jaejoong to play with them and found Jaejoong refusing by saying that Yunho wouldn't want him to go and play with others.

Just who was Yunho to control Jaejoong's life like that?

Things stayed the same even when they were in High School.It was normal for students to make new friends and get to know the many new people better,but not for Jaejoong and Yunho.

Jaejoong and Yunho were put into the same class and Yunho had made it clear to everyone that he would not like it for anyone to socialize with Jaejoong more than neccessary.And Jaejoong?He didn't say anything.He simply let Yunho control his life.

Yunho and Jaejoong continued to stick together whenever possible and no one dared to get closer to them more than needed.No one wanted to deal with Yunho's anger,especially because Yunho was surely not one you would want to mess with.He was known for his strength and his impressive martial arts skills.

It wasn't until their senior year that Changmin decided to do something against Jaejoong's isolation.

Changmin was the student council president and was in charge for the upcoming spring prom.He had asked for Jaejoong to sing on the prom,having noticed the older boy's talent and soothing voice during the many music lessons.

But Jaejoong refused and explained that he wouldn't be on the prom at all because Yunho would be unable to attend it.Changmin could see that Jaejoong was sad while rejecting him.He knew how much Jaejoong loved it to sing.

Singing seemed to make him happier.And now that he had the chance to do what he loved the most for one whole evening,Yunho indirectly ruined it for him.Feeling angry on Jaejoong's behalf,Changmin snapped.

"Why is it that you let Yunho control you so much?It's not fair of him to isolate you from everyone.He is practically keeping you locked up in a cage,Jaejoong.He doesn't let you do anything without him and because of him,you can't even go to the prom and do what seems to be your life!If that selfish bastard doesn't want to socialize then okay,but he shouldn't drag you into the mess as well." The younger boy yelled,his fists clenched and brows furrowed in a deep frown.

But the anger soon subsided when he could see Jaejoong's lips quivering while his big doe eyes got filled by tears.

"Don't talk about Yunnie like that.Yunho is the most selfless person I know!" Jaejoong argued and sobbed hard as tears started to escape from his eyes and rolled down his flawless cheeks.

Changmin gulped and bit onto his bottom lips gently.He felt like a complete asshole for making the beauty cry.

"H-hey...I'm sorry.Please don't cry yeah?Shall I get Yunho?"

"No need to." Yunho replied through gritted teeth as he approached them.

He wrapped his left arm around Jaejoong protectively,pulling the crying mess closer to himself.Changmin watched how Jaejoong immediately wrapped his arms around Yunho,burying his face in the other's chest in seek of comfort while Yunho was rubbing his back lovingly.

"Shhh...don't cry,baby." Yunho cooed lovingly and the student council president couldn't believe what he was witnessing right now.

He has never seen Yunho being this gentle to anyone before.

The soft gaze which was directed at Jaejoong was gone once Yunho averted his eyes to look at Changmin with a frown.

"What the hell have you done to him?" Yunho hissed and caused Changmin to jump a little.

"I...said something that hurt him.I didn't mean to though...I'm sorry." Changmin replied and gulped when he saw Yunho's gaze darken.

"If I see you making him cry again,I'm going to break every single bone in your body.Keep that in mind." The older boy uttered before he looked down at Jaejoong."Let's go,baby."

And with that,the two sunbaes turned around and walked away from Changmin,who couldn't help but stare at them,a little surprised to see the two of them halting not far away from him.

It was Jaejoong who had stopped walking first.Changmin saw the two of them discussing about something and he could tell that Yunho wasn't liking what Jaejoong was saying,but seeing Jaejoong's pleading look,Yunho ended up nodding in agreement before letting go of Jaejoong,earning a soft peck on his lips in return.

Seeing a small smile appear on Yunho's lips,Jaejoong wiped the rest of his tears away before he rushed towards Changmin.

"I want to explain everything to you.I don't want you to think badly of Yunnie."

"If you want to tell me that he is so possessive of you because he is your lover...I figured out that much after your kiss just now." Changmin answered with a small smile.Jaejoong blushed and lowered his head gently.

"No...that's not it.You know...Yunho is only so protective of me because I need him to be." Jaejoong started and looked up to see Changmin looking at him in confusion.

"When I was little...something really...horrible happened to me.It was so traumatizing for me that whenever someone touches me for too long or in too intimate ways...I would start to shiver and be reminded of the horrible things in the past.Only Yunho and my family members can touch me without having that effect on me.Me and Yunho know each other since birth.We have grown up together and when I was in kindergarten and got....raped...Yunho refused to leave my side and no matter how hard I hit and kicked him out of fear,he refused to let go of me.He stayed with me...comforting me...protecting me.He was always patient and fought hard for me to trust him and his touches just like my family.And although my fear has lessened a little throughout the years...I would still catch myself shivering when someone touches me for longer than a few seconds.That's why Yunho doesn't want anyone to get too close to me.He knows how hard it is for me to feel someone's hand on me.He knows how much it scares me.It's not him who has a problem with socializing although it seems like it because he is so cold and distant to everyone most of the time.It's me who has the problem.While isolating me from the others,he does the very same to himself as well.He makes people dislike him,accepting every bad word they throw at him for seperating me from them like a possessive or selfish person they think he is.But Yunnie isn't selfish at all.On the contrary...Yunnie is the most selfless person I know.He is giving up so much to protect me without any complaint.If someone is selfish,then it's me.So please don't think badly of him.And the reason why I refuse to go anywhere without Yunho is simply the one that I don't feel safe when he is not with me.I always use him as an excuse because I don't want anyone to know about the real reason for my rejection.And whenever I see people's dislike towards him growing,I would feel my heart aching out of guilt.So now that I have the chance to tell someone how Yunho really is,I would like to tell you that Jung Yunho is the most wonderful person I have in my life.To you it's like he is my cage,but to me...he is my shield."

When Jaejoong stopped talking,Changmin just stared at him in shock and surprise,still in the middle of processing the many information thrown at him just now.He felt sorry for Jaejoong and was happy for the boy all the same.

He felt sorry because of the boy's horrible past and he was happy for him because he had someone like Yunho by his side.

"I'm sorry for talking bad about him.I understand now." Changmin then finally said with a gentle smile and made Jaejoong smile back at him.

"What you and Yunho wonderful." The taller boy stated sincerely,now seeing the relationship between Yunho and Jaejoong with complete different eyes.

"Thank you." Jaejoong replied before he looked over to Yunho,who was waiting for him patiently.

"I'll get going now.Have a nice day,Changmin." The beauty spoke before waving at Changmin,rushing towards Yunho afterwards.

Changmin smiled when he saw the couple walking towards the main entrance together,hands intertwined and their eyes fixated on each other only.

Yunho leaned down a little to give Jaejoong's forehead a small peck and the student council president's smile grew once he could hear what Yunho said to his lover.

"I told you that there's no need for you to feel sorry,babo.Let them hate me all they want.I'm happy as long as I have you." Yunho muttered and Jaejoong flashed him a radiant smile before tiptoeing to kiss Yunho shortly.

"I love you,Yunnie." The beauty stated  with so much adoration evident in his voice that it made Changmin's heart flutter.

"I love you too,Boo." Yunho whispered with just as much adoration displayed through the words before the two of them stepped out of the school building together,leaving the younger boy alone with a warm feeling in his heart which was spreading rapidly upon having the honor to witness the display of such pure love.

Tags: fic:the beauty's cage, length:oneshot, pairing:yunho/jaejoong, rating:pg
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